At Black Golden Communications ,

we leverage digital media to highlight

progressive African Brands that are

mainstreaming social and environmental

justice in alignment with sustainable

development goals.

Our team offers research-based information for business

non-profit and brand development; virtual and in-person

event hosting; content creation and distribution

a wholly women-led media agency,

Through Pan-Africanisim

Fostering a sense of responsibility

for development on the continent

continent, and the global diaspora

and African citizens on the

gap between African Institutions

we're bridging the information

African Institutions Support Group

Through our flagship project

Hi welcome to Black Golden Communications, a women-led company specializing in social media management, research, writing, interviewing, and publishing. I am Modester Yeukai the Pan-African Publicist, and CEO. With an extensive scholarship background in political science, international affairs, and multilateral diplomacy, I have proven successful in developing,
implementing, and managing media products and campaigns for clients within non-profit and government institutions in Africa and the Diaspora.

Our team’s dream is to support African Institutions, support women, network, and strategize. Let’s work together to forge new paths and attain all of your goals. Start your journey with us by checking out our digital products, and submit your PR Inquiry.