While #chatGPT takes over the media, we forget that other artificial intelligences are available in more and more varied fields. Here is a list of Practical AI tools that will make your life easier.

  1. Krise: Removes background voices, noises and echo during calls. 
  2. Beatoven: Create unique royalty-free music.
  3. Cleanvoice: Removes spurious sounds, stuttering, and mouth sounds from your podcasts.
  4. Podcast: Allows you to record studio-quality podcasts, directly from a simple computer.
  5. Flair: Generates photo shoots of your products.
  6. Illustroke: Creates vector images from prompts.
  7. Patterned: Generates royalty-free patterns.
  8. Stockimg: Another image generation AI.
  9. Copy: Generates content and avoids blank page syndrome.
  10. CopyMonkey:Makes it easy to write product listings on Amazon.
  11. Ocoya: Facilitates the creation and programming of content on social networks.
  12. Unbounce: Generates landing pages and emails.
  13. Vidyo: Generates videos for social networks from longer videos.
  14. Quickchat: Chatbots that talk like humans for customer relations.
  15. Puzzle: Creates a knowledge base or glossary from documents.
  16. Soundraw: Generates background music.
  17. Cleanup.picture: Removes objects, defects, people or text from your images.
  18. Looka: Generates brand names and logos.
  19. Synthesia: Makes it easy to create training videos by simply typing text.
  20. Otter: Record meetings and take notes in real time.
  21. Thundercontent: Generates all types of content.
  22. ChatBA: Creates slide presentations. The user only needs to choose the design and save the finished work in PDF.
  23. Abby: Scanning and text recognition software that allows users to digitize and extract information from paper based documents.
  24. DocuSign: Uses machine learning algorithms to verify the signer’s identity and guarantees that the signature is authentic.
  25. Copyscape: Uses advanced algorithms to compare text with billions of web pages to detect any instances of plagiarism.
  26. AI Text-to-Skybox 360 Image HDRI Generator : AI-powered solution for generating incredible 360° skybox experiences from text prompts.

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