2nd Russia – Africa Summit: The 13 points of the final declaration


Here are the 13 points of the final declaration made at the 2nd Russia-Africa Summit in Saint Petersburg on July 27 and 28, 2023.

Russia and the leaders of the continent committed to:

  1. Cooperate in defense, conduct military exercises and maneuvers;
  2. Create crisis management centers in Africa;
  3. Develop partnership in the extraction of natural resources;
  4. Conduct negotiations to develop the network of direct passenger flights;
  5. Facilitate travel procedures for Russian citizens and those of African countries;
  6. Work to restructure the global financial architecture;
  7. Work at the UN Security Council to obtain the lifting of sanctions against the African countries concerned;
  8. Define areas of the economy for maintaining trade and developing sector development programs;
  9. Expand cooperation in infection control, including new diseases;
  10. Develop cooperation in drug production;
  11. Create a network of Russian language training institutions in Africa and branches of Russian institutions;
  12. Demand reparation for damages caused by colonial policy and work for the return of cultural heritage objects; and in the end,
  13. Take joint confidence-building measures to ensure international cybersecurity.

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