Africa CEO Trade Survey 2023: Last Chance to Make Your Voice Heard


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The Africa CEO Trade Survey is here. Join over 850 C-level executives who have already voiced their opinions and contributed to shaping the future of intra-African trade. The annual PAFTRAC CEO Trade Survey, conducted annually, serves as a crucial touchstone for the private sector in assessing and enhancing trade and investment within the continent. Published in collaboration with African Business, the report [PDF] leverages data-driven insights to drive pan-African results and foster private sector engagement in trade and investment issues across Africa.

The annual PAFTRAC CEO Trade Survey poster

The Africa CEO Trade Survey focuses on capturing the thoughts and perspectives of Africa’s private sector, both at localized and pan-African levels. By bringing together the opinions of C-level executives from various industries, the survey aims to inform policy and provide a framework for advancing trade and investment policies within the continent.

Key findings from the previous year’s survey [PDF] offer valuable insights into the African business landscape. E-commerce, for instance, has experienced unparalleled growth throughout the continent, with 62% of respondents affirming its importance to their business operations. In the energy sector, half of the participants expressed the need for increased investments in energy projects through the African Continental Free Trade Area (AfCFTA agreement). Moreover, respondents identified a lack of information on markets, opportunities, and trading partners as the primary constraints to intra-African trade.

Furthermore, the survey revealed a high level of confidence among participants regarding the positive impact of Intra-African trade under AfCFTA on the financial services sector. The agreement holds great promise for transforming trade dynamics within Africa, fostering economic growth, and promoting collaboration among nations.

Your opinion matters. By participating in the Africa CEO Trade Survey, you become an integral part of the movement to shape the future of intra-African trade. Your input will contribute to creating a better trading outlook for all, unlocking new opportunities, and fostering economic prosperity across the continent. Don’t miss out on this chance to make a difference.


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