African Union Launches Digital and Innovation Fellowship Program


AU Innovation Fellowship is available [HERE]

The African Union (AU) has announced the launch of its Digital and Innovation Fellowship Program, a groundbreaking initiative aimed at harnessing the expertise of tech innovators from across the continent to drive digital transformation within the organization. The program, which spans 12 months, seeks to address critical challenges in data management and operational efficiency within AU organs while bolstering the institution’s commitment to good governance and citizen engagement. Tech enthusiasts and innovators passionate about driving positive change are encouraged to apply for this unique opportunity.

Building upon the success of its inaugural cohort, launched in September 2021, the program has already deployed 13 fellows to various units and organs within the AU. These fellows are tasked with developing innovative, tailor-made solutions to enhance data management processes and bridge operational gaps, ultimately advancing the AU’s mandate.

Implemented through the BMZ Commission’s GIZ DataCipation program, the fellowship program embodies a collaborative effort to empower the AU and its organs with cutting-edge digital tools and strategies. By fostering a culture of innovation and providing hands-on support, the program aims to not only address immediate data challenges but also strengthen the internal capacity of AU staff for long-term sustainability.



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