Cuba and Algeria Pledge to Strengthen Inter-Parliamentary Relations in Virtual Meeting


Magda Ileana Pérez Matos. Cuba Parliament

In a videoconference held on Tuesday, members of the Cuba-Algeria Parliamentary Friendship Groups reiterated their commitment to expanding and fortifying the relations between the legislative bodies of both nations, it is reported. The meeting, which marked the beginning of the X Legislature, saw Magda Ileana Pérez Matos, President of the group and head of the Industry, Construction, and Energy Commission of the National Assembly of People’s Power (Parliament), convey warm regards from Esteban Lazo Hernández, the head of the Cuban Legislative Assembly, to his Algerian counterpart.

Members of the Parliamentary Friendship Groups #Cuba🇨🇺 – #Argelia🇩🇿 held a fraternal exchange on Tuesday, via videoconference, with the aim of expanding and strengthening relations between the legislative bodies of both countries. Image from Twitter/@AsambleaCuba

Pérez Matos emphasized the significance of establishing inter-parliamentary ties on par with the enduring political connections that have historically united the Cuban and Algerian people. She expressed gratitude for the solidarity demonstrated by Algiers, particularly in the form of donations to Cuba and their unwavering support for the lifting of the United States’ six-decade-long economic, commercial, and financial sanctions against the Caribbean nation.

With regards to interparliamentary cooperation, Pérez Matos underscored the Cuban legislative body’s interest in bolstering bilateral relations through virtual meetings on topics of mutual interest, exchanges between delegations during international events, and increased consultations on matters of shared concern in global legislative forums. The deputy called for united support and solidarity actions, including statements, messages, and other initiatives to foster information exchange and the sharing of parliamentary experiences.

Highlighting their commitment to the Pan-African Parliament, Pérez Matos expressed Cuba’s priority to strengthen ties with the body. Cuba was proposed to become observer members of the African Union’s Pan-African Parliament in 2019, an honor that the nation hopes will be resumed and realized after the pandemic-induced interruption.

Image from Twitter/@AsambleaCuba

During the meeting, Pérez Matos extended congratulations to her Algerian counterpart on the occasion of Algeria’s 61st anniversary of independence celebrated on July 5. This significant milestone coincides with the 60th anniversary of Ernesto Che Guevara’s first visit to Algeria, where he was a guest of honor during the celebrations for the nation’s first year of independence. Pérez Matos also acknowledged the uninterrupted bilateral diplomatic relations between the two countries for the past six decades and expressed satisfaction over President Miguel Díaz-Canel’s successful visit to Algeria in November of the previous year, as well as the support for the agreements signed.

In a separate address, Cristina Luna Morales, President of the Health and Sports Commission of the Cuban legislature, conveyed greetings to Cuban collaborators in Algeria on behalf of the Friendship Group. She commemorated the 60th anniversary of the first medical mission of the Cuban Revolution, which was dispatched to Algeria in May 1963.

Feitas Benlakehal, President of the Parliamentary Group of Friendship with Cuba in the National Popular Assembly of Algeria, expressed appreciation for the virtual meeting and applauded the humanistic endeavors of Cuban collaborators in Algeria and Western Sahara refugee camps. Benlakehal conveyed his greetings to the Cuban deputies and extended congratulations for the upcoming commemoration of Cuba’s Day of National Rebellion on July 26. He highlighted the tremendous potential for further strengthening economic relations in areas of mutual interest and emphasized the vital role of parliaments in supporting bilateral ties.

Other notable participants from the Cuban side included Yamilex Cisneros Sardina, Vice President of the group and head of the Department of Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation at the Dr. Tomas Romay Polyclinic; Caridad Margarita García Peña, Secretary of the parliamentary group and researcher at the Center for Research and Development of Medicines; Yoamel Acosta Morales, member of the group and President of the Municipal Assembly of People’s Power of La Lisa; and Yuniel Flores Aguiar, an official from the International Relations Commission of the National Assembly.


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