Dr. David Nyekorach-Matsanga is a multifaceted individual whose life has been marked by diverse experiences and achievements. Born and educated in Uganda, he initially served the Ugandan government from 1980 to 1985. Later, he migrated to the United Kingdom, where he resides with his wife and eight children.

His academic journey led him to earn an MA in Political Science International Relations and a PhD in Political Science (Conflict Resolution) from London Guidhall University. Dr. Matsanga’s expertise in politics and international peace played a pivotal role in brokering a peace agreement between the Lord’s Resistance Army (LRA) and the government of Uganda, facilitating a significant step towards reconciliation between longstanding adversaries.

As a journalist and political scientist, Dr. Matsanga has authored numerous publications, including “Democracy in Uganda: A Myth or Reality,” “Agony of Land in Zimbabwe,” and “Which Way Zimbabwe.” He is recognized for his insightful analysis of African political issues, frequently contributing to platforms such as Sky News and various television and international radio stations.

Beyond academia and journalism, Dr. Matsanga is actively engaged as a broadcaster, journalist, activist, and independent election observer across several countries, including Yugoslavia, Kenya, and Zimbabwe. His fervent dedication to addressing pertinent issues and his eloquent oratory skills have garnered him widespread recognition.

Currently, Dr. Matsanga aspires to run a top office in Africa, a continent scarred by war, conflict, corruption, and inequality. With a commitment to restoring Africa’s lost glory and reclaiming its status as the “pearl of Africa,” he faces formidable challenges but remains undeterred in his pursuit of positive change.

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