Dethroned Emir Sanusi: Group Demands Reinstatement Amidst Emirate Turmoil


Yan Dangwalen Jihar Kano Appeals to Reinstate Deposed Emir Sanusi

A prominent group operating under the banner of Yan Dangwalen Jihar Kano has forwarded a formal request to the Kano State House of Assembly, urging them to reinstate the deposed Kano emir, Muhammadu Sanusi, and dissolve the newly established emirates of Gaya, Rano, Karaye, and Bichi in Kano state.

The dethronement of Sanusi by the state government, led by former Governor Abdullahi Ganduje on March 3, 2020, citing “insubordination,” sparked widespread controversy. Sanusi’s supporters vehemently believe that his dismissal was politically motivated, alleging it was due to his vocal opposition to Ganduje’s re-election bid.

The group’s chairman, Najib Abdulkadir Salati, penned a letter to the Speaker of the Assembly, highlighting the divisive repercussions of Sanusi’s removal and the subsequent establishment of multiple emirates. The missive expressed concerns over the unrest and tension prevailing among the populace and appealed for the review of the law establishing the four additional emirates.


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