G7: Pope Francis Discusses the Threat and Promise of Artificial Intelligence


Pope to G7: AI is ‘neither objective nor neutral’. iMAGE FROM x/@DCMissioners

At the recently concluded  G7 summit, Pope Francis addressed the multifaceted nature of artificial intelligence (AI), emphasizing its potential and perils. The Pope highlighted AI as a product of human ingenuity endowed by God, capable of transforming various sectors from medicine to politics. He acknowledged the dual emotions AI evokes—excitement for its advancements and fear of its unintended consequences. The Pope underscored the need for careful reflection on AI’s role, noting its capacity to democratize knowledge and advance scientific research while also cautioning against exacerbating social inequalities and ethical dilemmas.

The Pope’s speech delved into the “techno-human condition,” where human history and technological progress are inextricably linked. He pointed out that AI, unlike simpler tools, can autonomously adapt and make decisions, posing unique challenges. He warned against delegating critical decision-making to machines, stressing the irreplaceable value of human wisdom and ethical judgment. He highlighted the dangers of AI-driven decisions, particularly in contexts like judicial assessments, where algorithmic biases could perpetuate injustice.

Pope Francis also addressed the educational implications of AI, particularly generative AI, which he noted is often mistakenly perceived as truly creative. He warned that over-reliance on AI for tasks such as essay writing could undermine genuine intellectual development and reinforce misinformation. The Pope called for a balanced approach, where AI serves as a tool to aid, not replace, human creativity and critical thinking. He emphasized the importance of maintaining human control over AI to ensure it upholds human dignity and ethical standards.

Concluding his address, Pope Francis called for robust political collaboration to navigate the complexities of AI development and implementation. He advocated for a “healthy politics” that prioritizes the common good and fosters international cooperation. He reiterated the necessity of ethical frameworks, like the Rome Call for AI Ethics, to guide AI’s development. The Pope’s message was clear: while AI holds great promise, it requires vigilant stewardship to ensure it serves humanity’s highest values and aspirations.

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