Google Enhances Privacy Controls: Alerts and Blurred Imagery


In a move to bolster user privacy, Google has upgraded its “Results About You” tool, aiming to help users safeguard their personal information from appearing in search results. The tool now offers the ability to receive alerts when personal contact information is indexed and displayed on Google Search. Users can then request the removal of such results directly through the tool. This enhancement aligns with Google’s mission to organize and provide accessible information while addressing privacy concerns.

Danielle Romain, VP of Trust at Google, stated that a new dashboard will soon be available, notifying users when web results with their contact information show up in search results. This proactive approach aims to grant users greater control over their online presence and foster peace of mind.

Furthermore, Google is introducing an update to its explicit imagery protection. Explicit content, including adult material and graphic violence, will now be automatically blurred in search results. Users can manage these settings through SafeSearch preferences, with options to enable or disable the blurring and even block explicit content.

Additionally, Google is extending its policy for the removal of non-consensual explicit imagery from Search. The company now offers assistance for cases of “revenge porn,” where content was initially published with consent but later distributed without authorization. Notably, content being commercially exploited is excluded from this policy.

This move by Google reflects a continued effort to balance information accessibility with user privacy concerns, while also addressing the challenges posed by explicit content online.

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