Introducing 5 Digital Platforms of the Africa Trade Gateway (ATG)


Africa Trade Gateway (ATG) LOGO, a suite of five digital platforms

On June 20, the African Export-Import Bank (Afreximbank) launched the Africa Trade Gateway (ATG) platform during the 30th Afreximbank Annual Meetings held in Accra, Ghana. The innovative suite of digital platforms is expected to revolutionize African trade as well as, support the implementation of the African Continental Free Trade Agreement (AfCFTA). The 5 digital platforms comprises the MANSA due diligence platform, the Pan-African Payment and Settlement System (PAPSS), the TRADAR Club, the Africa Trade Exchange (ATEX) and ATG Connect. Here’s what to know about ATG gateway digital ecosystem:

1. MANSA: Africa’s Premier Due Diligence Platform
MANSA, one of the key platforms within the ATG, is a comprehensive due diligence platform. It offers an extensive collection of primary data necessary for conducting customer due diligence on African entities, financial institutions, corporates, and SMEs. Additionally, MANSA provides valuable information on investment in Africa, country profiles, and traded products/services of African countries.

2. PAPSS: Promoting Intra-African Trade
The Pan-African Payment and Settlement System (PAPSS) is an integral component of the ATG. PAPSS facilitates efficient payment for intra-African trade in national currencies, thereby promoting trade integration across the continent. Adopted as the payment and settlement system for the AfCFTA, PAPSS plays a vital role in minimizing risks and fostering financial integration. Its current headquarters are located in Cairo.

3. TRADAR Club: Empowering Trade and Investments
TRADAR Club, a member-driven network, empowers international businesses and executives to transform trade and investments in Africa. Through trusted trade intelligence, advisory services, and innovative digital tools, TRADAR Club facilitates networking opportunities, access to new markets, and expert support. This platform welcomes global industry leaders, African and foreign businesses, intergovernmental organizations, policy makers, and other stakeholders dedicated to unlocking growth and development in Africa.

4. ATEX: Enhancing B2B and B2G E-commerce
ATEX, a B2B and B2G e-commerce platform, serves as a catalyst for African businesses looking to tap into new markets within the continent. By optimizing supply chains and enabling bulk procurement of basic commodities, ATEX transparently and efficiently connects businesses with suppliers. The platform was initially launched during the 54th Conference of African Ministers of Finance, Planning, and Economic Development in Dakar in May 2022.

5. ATG Connect: Seamless Freight and Logistics Connectivity
ATG Connect, the final platform within the ATG, focuses on freight and logistics connectivity solutions. By connecting business service providers across Africa, ATG Connect enables frictionless matching of freight and logistics requests with listed providers. Customers can easily obtain quotes for pickup and delivery of goods to and from any location in Africa at competitive prices, facilitating efficient trade operations.


The Africa Trade Gateway represents Afreximbank’s commitment to utilizing digital technologies and innovative business models to address Africa’s trade challenges, foster economic prosperity, and drive regional integration. As the continent embraces the opportunities presented by digital transformation, the ATG aims to provide a unified window for customers, streamlining transactions and promoting seamless trade across Africa.


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