Putin Vows Continued Food Support for Africa Amidst Western Sanctions and Ukraine Deal Fallout


Russian President Vladimir Putin reiterated his support for Africa, stating that Russia would continue to organize deliveries of cereals, food products, and fertilizers to the continent despite Western sanctions. This reassurance comes after the end of a cereal agreement between Russia and Ukraine, which allowed Kiev to export agricultural products via the Black Sea. As quoted on the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Russia site, The Russian President said:

Notwithstanding the sanctions, Russia will continue its energetic efforts to provide supplies of grain, food products, fertilizers, and other goods to Africa.

Putin stated that this agreement had “lost its meaning” as it had been used to enrich large American and European companies, while African countries had benefited little from it. He promised to assist African countries in need by providing them with cereals free of charge in case the agreement with Ukraine is not renewed.

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