Saharawi Women’s Delegation Engages in Empowerment Program during Official Visit to Basque Country


Saharawi Women's Delegation Engages in Empowerment Program during Official Visit to Basque Country. Image from Sahara Press Service (SPS)

A delegation of Saharawi women, comprising prominent figures in the political and social spheres, is currently undertaking an official visit to the Basque Country as part of a political empowerment program, it is reported. The visit, aimed at fostering cooperation and strengthening ties between Basque and Saharawi institutions, commenced on Sunday and has garnered support from various organizations.

At the government headquarters in Vitoria, the delegation was warmly received by Miren Elgaresta, Director of Emakunde (Institute for Women), and Paul Ortega, Director of the Basque Cooperation Agency. This collaborative initiative between the Basque and Saharawi institutions began in December 2022 when a group of influential Basque women journeyed to the Saharawi Refugee Camps to engage in workshops focused on political empowerment.

Saharawi women standing in front of The National Union of Saharawi Women organization building in Western Sahara. Image from Twitter/ @WorldMarchWomen

The workshops proved instrumental in solidifying the partnership between Basque and Saharawi institutions, particularly in areas pertaining to equality and empowerment. Subsequently, a second meeting was arranged in the Basque lands, facilitated by Euskal Fondoa in conjunction with Emakunde, eLankidetza, and the Directorate of Human Rights and Victims of the Basque Government.

The Saharawi women’s delegation comprises individuals occupying significant positions within the Saharawi political institutions and structures, including government, Parliament, the Pan-African Parliament, the National Union of Saharawi Women, and the younger generation. Notably, the Saharawi institutions currently boast commendable gender representation, with women accounting for 42% of Parliament members, and three out of the five wilaya governors being women.

The core component of the program entails a three-day intensive training on political empowerment, expertly delivered by Emakunde. The training commenced on July 10 in Lakua, following a meeting between the women’s delegation and Nerea Melgosa, Minister of Equality, Justice, and Social Policies.

This visit underscores the commitment of both the Basque and Saharawi institutions to promoting gender equality, empowerment, and collaboration. As the Saharawi women continue their engagement in the Basque Country, their efforts serve as a testament to the progress made in fostering meaningful partnerships and enhancing the role of women in political spheres.


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