Sanctioned Ugandan Parliament Speaker Puts Hopes in the Pan-African Parliament


Speaker of the Ugandan parliament, Anita Among. Image from x/@AbahoEdward5

Embattled Ugandan Parliament Speaker Anita Among has urged African nations to stand together against external pressures threatening their cultural values. Speaking at the 2nd African Inter-Parliamentary Conference on Family Values and Sovereignty in Entebbe on Thursday. Hon. Among emphasized the imperative of solidarity in the face of global challenges, particularly highlighting the issue of homosexuality.

In a report by Daily Monitor, Hon. Among condemned what she termed as cultural colonization attempts by Western nations, criticizing the imposition of sanctions and withdrawal of aid as tactics used to exploit and weaken African nations. She cautioned against accepting conditional grants that could compromise independence and erode cultural norms, asserting the importance of preserving African traditions and family values.

Echoing Among’s sentiments, conference chair Sarah Opendi stressed the significance of translating conference declarations into actionable policies through the Pan-African Parliament. With leaders like Among placing their faith in collective efforts, the conference’s focus on preserving African values and sovereignty underscores the continent’s commitment to safeguarding its cultural heritage for generations to come.

While speaking in Parliament today, Speaker Anita Among said the sanctions instituted against her and two others by the UK were politically motivated. She said she is carrying the cross for all Ugandans and blamed pro-LGBTQ activists for being behind the travel ban.

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