The European Commission has issued a stern ultimatum to TikTok under the Digital Services Act (DSA) to clarify the risk assessment procedures behind its latest click-to-earn version of the app, dubbed TikTok Lite. The new iteration of the popular social media platform rewards users for engaging in specific activities, sparking concerns over its potential addictive nature and adverse effects on mental health.

Commissioner Thierry Breton has demanded answers regarding the app’s impact on user behavior and its potential risks to minors. Breton emphasized the need to safeguard users, particularly young individuals, amidst growing apprehensions regarding digital addiction. TikTok is expected to provide the risk assessment for TikTok Lite in 24 hours and the other requested information by 26 April.

According to the official release: “This concerns the potential impact of the new ‘Task and Reward Lite’ programme on the protection of minors, as well as on the mental health of users, in particular in relation to the potential stimulation of addictive behaviour. The Commission is also requesting information about the measures the platform has put in place to mitigate such systemic risks.” 

TikTok Lite, initially launched in Asia, recently made its debut in France and Spain without significant publicity. However, it quickly caught the attention of European regulators, prompting Breton to question its implications.

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