Arab Boycott of Israel: Tunisian Parliament Moves to Criminalize Israel Relations


Boycott Israel Illustration

In a significant legislative move, the Tunisian parliament is currently deliberating over a proposed bill that aims to criminalize any form of normalization of relations with Israel.

Meeting of the Tunisian Committee for Rights and Freedoms, veto

The move seems to be directed towards the Tunisian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, which has repeatedly dismissed rumors of any intention to normalize relations with Israel. The ministry emphatically asserts that Tunisia’s principled position remains unchanged by shifting international dynamics, and countering reports of alleged commercial exchanges with Israel.

Led by Mrs. Hala Gaballah, the Committee on Rights and Freedoms convened on Monday, July 31, 2023, to commence its review of the draft law targeting normalization with the Zionist entity. During the session, committee members emphasized the profound importance of this proposed law to the Tunisian people, reaffirming their unwavering support for the just Palestinian cause.

In a report shared on the committee’s official Facebook page, preliminary observations were made regarding the language and structure of the draft law. The members highlighted the necessity for precision and clarity, particularly in alignment with existing legal frameworks such as the criminal code. Despite these concerns, the committee expressed appreciation for the legislative initiative, underscoring its resonance with the collective conscience of the Tunisian population.

To ensure a comprehensive assessment, the committee has decided to invite representatives of the initiative party to a hearing. Subsequent to this initial session, a schedule of hearings will be established, incorporating viewpoints from various stakeholders. This rigorous process aims to refine the proposed law’s form and content, aligning it with the broader Tunisian context.

This move by the Tunisian parliament to consider the criminalization of normalization with Israel echoes the nation’s historical stance. Tunisia’s commitment to the Arab boycott of Israel, rooted in the principles of the League of Arab States, has been consistently upheld since its formalization following the 1948 war.


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