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The Biden Administration this week declared the National AI R&D Strategic Plan, emphasizing responsible AI research and international collaboration. The plan specifically highlights the interest of the White House in exploring the theoretical capabilities and limitations of AI models, robotics, and hardware, especially their applications in areas such as climate change, agriculture, energy, and healthcare.

“The Biden-Harris Administration is announcing new efforts that will advance the research, development, and deployment of responsible artificial intelligence that protects individuals’ rights and safety and delivers results for the American people.” _the White House.

The updated plan [PDF] outlines strategies that are largely the same as those recommended under the previous administration. This version added 2 more strategies: Exploring and fostering international cooperation to develop AI technologies affecting global issues, such as the environment and manufacturing; Establish a principled and coordinated approach to international collaboration in AI research.

The additions will complement the existing 7 strategies which are:

  1. Develop effective methods for human-AI collaboration.
  2. Understand and address the ethical, legal, and societal implications of AI.
  3. Ensure the safety and security of AI systems
  4. Develop shared public datasets and environments for AI training and testing.
  5. Measure and evaluate AI systems through standards and benchmarks.
  6. A better understanding of the national AI R&D workforce needs.
  7. Expand public-private partnerships to accelerate advances in AI.
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Recognizing the transformative potential of AI, the National AI R&D Strategic Plan acknowledges that managing the associated risks is crucial. The federal government’s role in this effort involves investing in research and development to promote responsible innovation and find solutions to challenges that other sectors might not tackle independently.

To comprehensively understand the risks involved, the Office of Science and Technology Policy has invited public comments through a request for information. This initiative seeks input on how AI could impact national security, democracy, and employment. By formulating a national AI strategy, the Biden-Harris Administration aims to adopt a holistic approach that accounts for the risks and opportunities associated with AI, while remaining responsive to the evolving global landscape.



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