ACCORD is excited to announce a call for applications for its South African Peacebuilding Initiative on Women, Peace & Security

Interested Applicants APPLY HERE

The African Centre for the Constructive Resolution of Disputes (ACCORD) has announced an initiative focused on Women, Peace, and Security (WPS) in South Africa. This year-long project, aligned with the South African National Action Plan (SA NAP) on WPS, aims to bolster the participation and prevention pillar, enhancing local implementation efforts.

ACCORD, a civil society institution based in Durban, brings over 31 years of expertise in conflict resolution and management across Africa. The initiative will collaborate with 12 South African non-governmental organizations (NGOs) and community-based organizations (CBOs) dedicated to peace programs and local peacebuilding initiatives that align with the WPS agenda.

As the 2024 elections approach, ACCORD invites applications from NGOs/CBOs focusing on elections-related work. The initiative includes comprehensive training in conflict management and peacebuilding, with a specific focus on the vital role of local women peacebuilders in preventing conflicts related to elections.

Selected organizations must nominate individuals to represent them throughout the initiative, engaging in webinars, virtual conferences, and training sessions. The rigorous selection criteria emphasize a commitment to completing the 12-month program, active participation, and the sharing of imparted skills within organizations and communities.

Applicants must complete the application form by January 25, 2024, 17:00 SAST, for consideration in this transformative initiative. ACCORD’s dedication to conflict resolution, dialogue, and institutional development continues to make strides toward a more peaceful and secure Africa. For more information, visit

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