African Union Addis Ababa, Ethiopia HQ. Image from cgtnafrica

The African Union has revealed its visionary plans for the coming decade! Dr. Monique Nsanzabaganwa, Deputy Chairperson of the African Union Commission, underscored the vital role played by the Commission and the African Union Development Agency in evaluating the progress of Agenda 2063’s First Ten-Year Implementation Plan (FTYIP) and introducing the successor Ten-Year Implementation Plan (STYIP) for the years 2024–2033. These seven “moonshots” underscore the African Union and partner organizations dedication to holistic development, aiming to uplift the continent and its people.

 The Seven Moonshots of the STYIP

1. Middle-Income Status for Every African Nation

The first ambition aims to propel every African nation into middle-income status, thereby improving living standards and economic opportunities across the continent. By achieving this goal, the African Union envisions a future where poverty rates decline significantly, and economic prosperity becomes a shared reality for all.

2. Enhanced Integration and Connectivity

The second ambition focuses on strengthening regional and continental integration, both economically and socially. This goal seeks to foster greater cooperation among African nations, break down trade barriers, and enhance connectivity through infrastructure development. A more connected Africa will facilitate economic growth and improve the lives of its citizens.

3. Responsive Public Institutions

A responsive and accountable government is at the heart of the African Union’s third ambition. The objective is to build strong and transparent institutions that can effectively serve the needs of the people. This ambition reflects the continent’s commitment to good governance, the rule of law, and inclusive decision-making processes.

4. Peaceful Conflict Resolution

Achieving lasting peace and conflict resolution is the fourth ambition, acknowledging that peace is essential for development. The African Union intends to work tirelessly to prevent and mediate conflicts, contributing to a stable and secure environment for its citizens.

5. Promotion of African Values

Promoting African values and cultural heritage is the fifth ambition. The African Union recognizes the significance of preserving and celebrating its rich cultural diversity and history. This ambition underscores the importance of identity, tradition, and the continent’s unique contributions to the global community.

6. Empowerment of Citizens

The sixth ambition is centered on empowering African citizens to actively participate in their societies and economies. This goal aims to provide the tools and opportunities necessary for individuals to reach their full potential, ultimately contributing to a more equitable and inclusive Africa.

7. Establishing Africa as a Strong Global Player

The final ambition is to establish Africa as a strong global player on the world stage. The African Union envisions an Africa that is influential in international affairs, participating in global decision-making processes, and contributing to solutions for global challenges.


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