Agenda 2063: African Union Retreat Unveils Ambitious Roadmap for Accelerated Development


AU Executive Council Retreat in Kigali, Rwanda

The Agenda 2063 Executive Council Retreat, held in Kigali, Rwanda, on October 1, 2023, brought together prominent political figures from across the African continent to discuss the future of the African Union’s Agenda 2063. The opening remarks by H.E Deputy Chairperson illuminated critical themes and key points of discussion, reflecting the African Union’s commitment to achieving its long-term development goals.

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Accelerating the Implementation of Agenda 2063

The central theme of the retreat, “Accelerating the Implementation of Agenda 2063,” resonated throughout the proceedings. The African Union is committed to expediting the realization of its long-term development vision, emphasizing the urgency of tangible progress and results.

Evaluation and Formulation of the Successor Plan

The Deputy Chairperson emphasized the vital role played by the African Union Commission and the African Union Development Agency in evaluating the progress of Agenda 2063’s First Ten-Year Implementation Plan (FTYIP). The next phase involves the formulation of the successor Ten-Year Implementation Plan (STYIP) for the period 2024–2033. This process has been a collaborative effort involving Member States and various partner organizations.

Seven Ambitions for 2033

A significant highlight of the event was the introduction of “moonshots” — seven ambitious goals to be achieved by 2033. These goals align with each of the seven aspirations of Agenda 2063:

1. Middle-Income Status for Every African Nation
2. Enhanced Integration and Connectivity
3. Responsive Public Institutions
4. Peaceful Conflict Resolution
5. Promotion of African Values
6. Empowerment of Citizens
7. Establishing Africa as a Strong Global Player

These ambitious targets reflect the African Union’s commitment to holistic development and addressing the unique challenges faced by the continent.

One-Framework-Two Agendas Approach

The importance of harmonizing Agenda 2063 with the United Nations Agenda 2030 was underlined. A collaborative approach is being adopted to ensure that African nations work towards both continental and global development goals. This approach highlights the significance of international cooperation and alignment of objectives.

Commitment to Resource the STYIP

An essential aspect of the retreat was securing the political will and commitment from African nations to resource the STYIP effectively. This emphasis on financial support and resource allocation underscores the dedication of the African Union to realizing its ambitious goals.

Importance of Inclusivity

Inclusive and equitable development was a key focus, with the Deputy Chairperson stressing the importance of ensuring that no African citizen is left behind in the development process. This principle extends from the local level to the national and continental levels.

Pan-Africanism and Global Influence

The speech reaffirmed the importance of Pan-Africanism and unity in achieving the aspirations of Agenda 2063. The African Union is making efforts to secure a more prominent role in global decision-making, as evidenced by its admission to the G20. The Deputy Chairperson expressed gratitude to Rwanda for hosting the event, showcasing the spirit of African cooperation and solidarity. Rwanda’s commitment to supporting the African Union’s initiatives was recognized and appreciated.

In conclusion, the opening remarks at the Agenda 2063 Executive Council Retreat underscore the ongoing commitment of African nations to the Agenda 2063 vision. The articulation of clear ambitions, the need for political will, and the allocation of resources are central to the future success of Agenda 2063. The African Union’s aim to promote inclusive development and assert a more influential global role remains steadfast, underlining its cooperation with Member States, AU organs, regional economic communities, and international partners.


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