African Union to Hold Press Briefings on Agenda 2063 Projects and Their Impact


The African Union (AU) is set to host three press briefings during the 5th Mid-Year Coordination Meeting (MYCM) between the African Union, the Regional Economic Communities (RECs), and the Regional Mechanisms (RMs). These press briefings will cover a range of thematic areas concerning the implementation of projects outlined in Agenda 2063 and their impact on the African population. The briefings will be broadcast live on the official AU livestream channel [WATCH HERE].

These press briefings will serve as a platform for the AU to highlight the progress and challenges encountered in the implementation of Agenda 2063 projects. The African Union and its partners will provide comprehensive updates on various thematic areas and address questions from the press, shedding light on the impact these initiatives have on the citizens of Africa.

To stay informed, the public is encouraged to tune in to the live broadcast of the opening session of the 13th July 2023, 43rd Ordinary Session of the Executive Council at 10 AM East Africa Time (EAT) and the 16th July 2023, 5th Mid-Year Coordination Meeting of AU, RECs, and Regional Mechanisms at 10 AM EAT. The livestream can be accessed through the following links:

1. 13th July 2023: 10 AM EAT. 43rd Ordinary Session of the Executive Council [WATCH HERE]

2. 16th July 2023: 10 AM EAT. 5th Mid-Year Coordination Meeting of AU, RECs, and Regional Mechanisms [WATCH HERE]
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The MYCM, established in 2017, serves as a pivotal platform for the AU and RECs to synchronize their efforts and coordinate the execution of the continental integration agenda. It replaced the traditional June/July summits and acts as a meeting between the AU Assembly’s bureau, the Chairpersons of the RECs, the AU Commission, and the Regional Mechanisms.

During the January 2017 summit, AU Heads of State and Government made two significant decisions. Firstly, they aimed to ensure effective collaboration and a clear division of labor among the African Union, the RECs, the RMs, and the Member States, aligning with the principle of subsidiarity. Secondly, the Bureau of the African Union Assembly would conduct a coordination meeting with the RECs instead of the previous June/July Summit, with the participation of the Chairpersons of the RECs, the AU Commission, and RMs.

Article 7 of the Protocol on Mid-Year Coordination Meeting states that the Bureau of the Assembly will replace the June/July Summit with a coordination meeting involving the RECs, the Commission, and the RMs. The Commission is responsible for coordinating and harmonizing the activities of the parties involved in the Mid-Year Coordination Meeting.

The Protocol outlines several key objectives for the Mid-Year Coordination Meeting:

1. Assess the current status of continental integration and coordinate efforts to expedite the integration process.
2. Coordinate the implementation of a clear division of labor and promote effective collaboration between the Union, RECs, RMs, and Member States, in accordance with the principles of subsidiarity, complementarity, and comparative advantage.
3. Harmonize AU and REC policies to accelerate Africa’s integration process.
4. Identify areas of cooperation and establish mechanisms for regional, continental, and global collaboration in specific sectors or subsectors.
5. Provide guidance to the Union and the RECs regarding priority programs, required resources for program implementation, and the impact of these initiatives on improving the lives of the African people.
6. Review and assess the implementation status of decisions and legal instruments governing the relationships between the Union, RECs, and RMs.


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