Explosive Scandal Unveiled: Australian Tech Companies Exploit Foreign Workers


Australian Companies Fined for Exploiting Foreign Tech Workers. Image from Twitter/@Carmilla5

Australia’s Border Force has imposed fines on two companies for exploiting foreign tech workers who arrived under the Temporary Skill Shortage (TSS) visa scheme, it has been reported. The scheme was established to address skills shortages in the country by allowing employers to sponsor skilled workers temporarily.

Image from Twitter/@scroll_in

Under the TSS program, employers are required to ensure that visa holders possess the necessary skills and are paid the same as their Australian counterparts. However, the Australian Border Force (ABF) received information and a referral from the Department of Home Affairs indicating that two companies, both heavy users of the TSS scheme, were not compliant with these requirements.

Following investigations, the ABF discovered multiple breaches of sponsorship obligations. In one company, eleven failures were identified, with nine cases of underpayment. In the second investigation, it was found that visa holders were not working in their nominated professions. This investigation lasted 15 months and also revealed eleven instances of noncompliance.

Each of the two companies has been fined AUD$90,750 ($59,000). While not a substantial sum for skilled tech workers in Australia, news of the noncompliance may have a negative impact on the reputation of the TSS program. The scheme was designed to attract tech professionals to Australia, but reports of exploitation and unfavorable experiences may deter potential recruits.

The combination of rising rents, housing shortages, and the country’s infamous wildlife could provide additional reasons for tech workers seeking overseas opportunities to consider other nations.

ABF acting superintendent Jessica Fensling emphasized the importance of fair payment for all workers in Australia, including those on sponsored visas. She stated that the ABF regularly conducts compliance activities to ensure businesses sponsoring visa holders meet their obligations and do not underpay their employees.

In addition to the fines, TSS violators are required to repay any owed wages to their employees. They may also face the cancellation of their sponsorship agreements and be barred from submitting further applications.The case serves as a reminder to companies employing foreign workers in Australia to comply with the TSS program’s requirements and treat all employees fairly, fostering a positive and inclusive work environment.

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