NSO Group, Maker of Pegasus Spyware, Under New Ownership Amid Controversy


NSO Group controversy

NSO Group, the controversial spyware maker behind the Pegasus malware, has been acquired by Dufresne Holdings, a Luxembourg-based holding firm. The acquisition comes as NSO Group faces increasing scrutiny over its surveillance technology, which has allegedly been used to target human rights, advocates and journalists.

Pegasus malware, developed by NSO Group, allows unauthorized access to a victim’s device, enabling covert monitoring of calls, messages, and camera activity. The company has faced government sanctions and legal challenges due to the misuse of its spyware. The acquisition by Dufresne Holdings marks a change in ownership and management for NSO Group.

NSO Group’s previous creditors, Credit Suisse, and Senate Investment Group, played a role in forcing the company into a restructuring and change of ownership. The new owner, controlled by NSO co-founder Omri Lavie, aims to revamp the company’s image amid ongoing controversies and legal battles.

The acquisition comes in the midst of calls for increased regulation and sanctions against surveillanceware manufacturers. Governments and human rights organizations have raised concerns about the misuse of spyware and the need to protect privacy. The European Union’s proposed establishment of a Tech Lab aims to address the issue of spyware, with a focus on Pegasus and other surveillance technologies.

As NSO Group changes hands, the debate surrounding the use and regulation of spyware continues. The acquisition by Dufresne Holdings brings new management to the company, but it remains to be seen how NSO Group will address the concerns and legal challenges it currently faces.

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