Concerns Raised Over Missing Journalist, Soldiers in Chipinge East, Lack of Ministerial Accountability in Zimbabwean Parliament


Parliament of Zimbabwe

The proceedings in the Parliament of Zimbabwe took a serious turn on Tuesday, as legislators raised concerns over a missing Zimbabwean journalist, deployed soldiers in Chipinge East constituency, unanswered questions by the Minister of Finance,as well as, the effect of inflation on workers’ wages.

Questioning the mysterious case of Itai Dzamara, who has been missing since April 2015, Hon. Madzimure sought an update from the Minister responsible for maintaining order in the country. He emphasized the need for closure for Dzamara’s family and called for the Minister to provide information on the investigations. “We cannot overlook the disappearance of a fellow Zimbabwean journalist, Itai Dzamara. His family deserves closure, and it is the responsibility of the Minister to update this Parliament on the progress of the investigations,” said Hon. Madzimure.

Hon. Madzimure reiterated the urgency of the matter and expressed disappointment over the Minister’s failure to update the Parliament despite previous promises. “It is disheartening that the Minister has not provided any updates on the investigations into Itai Dzamara’s disappearance, despite assurances in the past. We demand answers and closure for his family,” he said.

In another matter of concern, Hon. Mlambo brought attention to the deployment of soldiers in Chipinge East. It is said that the recent development has raffled the local population raising fears of intimidation ahead of the National Elections set for August. “Can the Minister clarify the presence of soldiers in Chipinge East? The local population is concerned, and we need to understand the purpose of their deployment?” said Hon. Mlambo.

The Acting Speaker responded, assuring Hon. Mlambo that the soldiers were merely performing their duties, and no reports of misconduct were mentioned. “Hon. Mlambo, the soldiers in Chipinge East are carrying out their assigned duties. There have been no reports of misconduct,” said the Speaker.

The next issue raised by Hon. Munengami was the lack of response from Ministers to questions asked by Members of Parliament. He cited the example of the Minister of Finance’s failure to address the rapid devaluation of the local currency, which currently stands at ZWL6,000 against the US dollar. “Ministers need to be accountable and address the concerns raised by Members of Parliament. The Minister of Finance, in particular, has not addressed the rapid devaluation of our currency, which is causing immense suffering for the people. We need answers,” demanded Hon. Munengami.

Hon. Mpariwa raised concerns about the inadequate salaries of workers, which have led to strikes in various sectors, including Alpha Media and ZIMRA workers. She emphasized the urgent need for the Ministers of Industry, Labour, Finance, and Economic Development to explain the government’s stance on the prevailing economic challenges.

The Acting Speaker acknowledged the concerns and promised to request a Ministerial Statement from the Minister of Finance regarding inflation. “I understand the concerns raised by Hon. Munengami. I will request a Ministerial Statement from the Minister of Finance to address the issue of currency devaluation,” said Hon. Mutomba


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