President Bola Tinubu

Senator Edwin Melvin Snowe Jr., leader of the Liberian delegation to the ECOWAS Parliament, has suggested that the Parliament should seize the opportunity to discuss the election of Members of Parliament with the new Chairman of the Authority of Heads of States and Government, H.E. President Ahmed Tinubu.

It is reported that the Liberian Senator expressed optimism that the Chairman’s enthusiasm would lead to considering the idea of electing ECOWAS MPs, thereby creating a more structured and independent Parliament capable of legislating effectively in the region. Additionally, Senator Snowe highlighted the ongoing development of an independent office space for the Parliament, funded by the Nigerian and Chinese governments, that would also house the Court of Justice and Commission in the future.

The Parliament’s Committee Chairman on Political Affairs, Peace, Security, and Africa Peer Review Mechanism, also praised President Ahmed Tinubu’s action in organizing a mini summit to ensure the return of constitutional rule in Mali, Guinea, and Burkina Faso. Snowe Jr. highlighted President Tinubu’s proactivity and ability to engage with the three suspended member states.

He emphasized the importance of discouraging third-term bids and unconstitutional amendments to prolong leadership, and urged Heads of States and Governments to sign the ECOWAS treaty on good governance, which includes a two-term limit for presidents. Snowe Jr. expressed concern about the deplorable situation in Burkina Faso and the unprecedented move of allowing the military to form a political party in Mali. He stressed the need for genuine reconciliation and a return to democracy in Guinea.


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