Seize the Opportunity: Funding Available for African Youth to Attend COP28


Poster from Twitter/@aym4cop

Interested individuals are encouraged to fill out the funding application form before the upcoming deadline on November 17, 2023 (23:59 GMT).

Poster from Twitter/@aym4cop

In the face of Africa’s undeniable vulnerability to the impacts of climate change, the Africa Youth Mobilization for COP (AYM4COP), a YOUNGO campaign in partnership with GIZ African Union, has announced an opportunity for young Africans passionate about climate action. ¬†This initiative aims to empower African youth to contribute to a united voice and action on the global stage, influencing policies and driving meaningful change.

With the continent’s youth facing limited opportunities and the compounding challenges of climate change, AYM4COP is extending a helping hand by offering financial support for those aiming to attend COP28.

“We are excited to provide financial support to help African youth attend COP28 and make their voices heard in the fight against climate change. This is an opportunity to bridge the gap and ensure that the youth are actively shaping the future of our planet,” says AYM4COP.

The latest IPCC report has intensified the call for immediate climate action, and though African youth are willing to respond, the participation of African youth in key conferences like the Conference of Youth (COY) and Conference of Parties (COP) has been hindered by insufficient financial support.


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