Intel Unleashes Processors to Revolutionize Datacenter Sustainability


4th Generation Xeon Processors to Transform Datacenters into Greener Hubs

Credit: Intel

It is reported that Intel has launched its 4th Generation Xeon Scalable Processors, equipped with groundbreaking features aimed at enhancing energy efficiency and meeting energy demand of datacenters. The surge in data creation and the increasing prevalence of power-hungry applications, particularly in High Performance Computing (HPC) and Artificial Intelligence (AI) workloads, have put a strain on datacenter sustainability goals.

The new processors come with built-in acceleration, notably the Intel AMX, designed to elevate the performance of deep-learning tasks without a proportional increase in energy consumption. Intel’s Optimized Power Mode further contributes to sustainability by delivering up to 20 percent socket power savings with minimal impact on performance for selected workloads.

Stephan Gillich, Director of Artificial Intelligence and Technical Computing at Intel EMEA Datacenter Group, emphasized the need for efficiency in both operations and application performance. The 4th Gen Intel Xeon processors promise up to 2.9X improvements in average performance per watt efficiency, marking a significant leap forward in the industry’s pursuit of net-zero status.

As datacenters face the challenge of meeting the Climate Neutral Datacenter Pact’s targets, Intel’s innovative processors offer a glimpse into a greener future for the digital infrastructure that underpins our increasingly connected world.

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