Kenya’s Treaty Database Hailed as A Technological Milestone


Sing'oei Korir, the PS in the Min of Foreign Affairs, said this during the launch of the Treaties website and database, emphasizing its importance in providing public access to Kenya's treaties. Image from X/@kenyascorecard

Comprehensive Treaty Database to Bolster Diplomacy

Ambassador James Waweru, serving as Registrar of Treaties in Kenya. Appointed Deputy Permanent Representative at the Kenyan UN mission in Geneva in October. Image from X/@ @MwangiMaina_

Kenya unveiled a comprehensive treaty database on Monday, 27 November 2023. The platform compiles all treaties signed by the government since gaining independence, providing easy access for diplomats, legal experts, stakeholders, and the public.

Dr. Korir Sing’oei, the Principal Secretary for Foreign and Diaspora Affairs, emphasized the database’s significance in upholding diplomatic agreements and honoring commitments. The initiative comes in response to earlier criticism, including inaccurate claims that President Kenyatta had ratified the Malabo Protocol, sparking concerns about potential immunity for state officials.

The newly launched database, accessible on the Ministry’s official website, details adoption, signature, ratification, and effective dates of treaties. Registrar of Treaties James Waweru revealed that Kenya has ratified 252 treaties, signed but not ratified 11, and is a member of 84 international bodies.

Waweru commended the collaboration with the United Nations Development Programme, the African Union, and the government of Sweden, emphasizing the government’s commitment to the crucial role of treaties. Foreign Affairs PS Sing’oei urged Kenyans and the diplomatic community to embrace this technological milestone as a symbol of collective dedication to transparent and efficient diplomacy.

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