Kwibuka 30: Royal Assembly Calls for Empowerment of Traditional Leaders Across Africa


HIH Prince Estifanos Matewos

In a statement issued on the solemn occasion of the 30th Commemoration of the Genocide Against the Tutsi [PDF], the President HIH Prince Estifanos Matewos on behalf of the Assembly, emphasized the critical role of traditional leaders in fostering peace and prosperity across the African continent.

Reflecting on the tragic loss of countless lives during the Rwandan genocide, HIH Prince Estifanos highlighted the deliberate targeting and systematic elimination of Tutsi traditional leaders, underscoring the vulnerability of those who hold positions of influence within their communities.

The statement called attention to the persistent targeting of traditional leaders in conflict-ridden regions, emphasizing the urgent need for a thorough reassessment of security measures to protect them and vulnerable communities amidst ethno-religious conflicts and terrorism.

In urging leaders across the continent to spearhead reforms that empower traditional leaders, HIH Prince Estifanos emphasized the invaluable contributions of these figures in peace-building, reconciliation, and conflict resolution. It stressed the importance of investing in their capacity, fortifying their security, and recognizing their role in knitting the social fabric back together.

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