The vibrant coastal city near swathes of beach resorts has been ranked and endorsed as the fourth out of forty cheapest tourist destinations in 2023, according to the 2023 United Kingdom Post Office Holiday Money Report. It is said tourists from the UK and other countries can spend as low as Ksh9,804 or US$75.00 a day for a vacation. This budget included purchasing drinks, meals, and other essentials in Mombasa, Kenya.

“In 2023, we’ve surveyed 40 destinations worldwide to compare prices for meals, drinks, and other essentials British tourists are likely to buy while abroad on vacation,” said the report.

The report further detailed that for a cup of filtered coffee at a Café, one would spend an average of  Ksh392(£2.36/US$2.93), and a 300ml bottle of local beer or lager, goes for ksh347(£2.09/US$2.59). A 330ml bottle or can of soda costs Ksh191 (£1.15/US$1.43) while a 175ml bottle of wine cost Ksh579 (£3.48/US$4.32). A 200ml of sunscreen from the supermarket was detailed to cost an average of Ksh1,387 (£8.34/US$10.36) and a 50ml Insect repellent would cost Ksh119 (£0.72/US$0.89). In addition, tourists in Mombasa could also enjoy a three-course meal for two, including a bottle of house wine for Ksh6,709(£40.33/US$50.10) on average.

‘Wherever you’re traveling to, you’re likely to get a better rate on travel money if you buy it before you get to the airport. Check the exchange rate for your destination to get the best value from your foreign currency,” added the report.

Mombasa ranked behind Cape Town in South Africa which took the first position among the cheapest tourist destinations followed by Marmaris in Turkey in the second position and Sunny Beach in Bulgaria which came third.


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