Advocate JFN Mudenda Leads Zimbabwe Delegation in Interfaith Dialogue Conference in Morocco


JFN Mudenda, Speaker of the Parliament of Zimbabwe in Morocco for the Parliamentary Conference on Interfaith Dialogue: Working Together for Our Common Future conference. Image courtesy of the Parliament of Zimbabwe Media

Advocate Jacob Francis Nzwidamilimo Mudenda, the esteemed Speaker of the National Assembly of Zimbabwe and a Member of the SADC PF Executive Committee, is leading a delegation from the Parliament of Zimbabwe to the “Parliamentary Conference on Interfaith Dialogue: Working Together for Our Common Future.” The delegation comprises Zimbabwean Parliamentarians namely, Hon. A.M Gandawa, Hon. M Tongofa, Hon. E Shirichena, and Hon. T Karikoga.

Parliament of Zimbabwe delegation. Image courtesy of Parliament of Zimbabwe Media

The conference, organized by the Inter-Parliamentary Union (IPU) in collaboration with the Moroccan Parliament and Religions for Peace, with support from the United Nations Alliance of Civilisations (UNAOC) and the Mohammadia League of Scholars, commenced on Tuesday in Marakesh, Morocco.

Over the course of three days, the conference aims to facilitate discussions and foster greater understanding among parliamentarians and religious leaders on topics such as the rule of law, peace, and inclusion. The agenda for the first day included an opening ceremony and the exploration of themes such as “Rule of Law” and “Peace and Inclusion.” Advocate J.F.N Mudenda, a prominent figure in Zimbabwean politics, is expected to deliver a speech during one of the panel discussions, sharing insights and perspectives from the Parliament of Zimbabwe.

Hon. Advocate JFN Mudenda sits with other delegates.Image courtesy of Parliament of Zimbabwe Media

Under the theme of the Rule of Law, the first panel discussion centered around “Working Together for the Promotion of the Rule of Law: Good Practices and Challenges.” The panelists delve into important aspects of this topic, discussing how various stakeholders can collaborate to enhance the rule of law and overcome challenges. In parallel, the second panel discussion focuses on “Promoting Regional and Global Peace through Intra-faith Dialogue,” exploring the potential for fostering peace through dialogue within religious communities.

Moving into the second day, the conference will feature a session titled “Parliaments and Religious Leaders: Promoting Dialogue and Working Together for our Common Future.” The Rule of Law panel is to engage in discussions surrounding the role of religion and beliefs within different secular systems, drawing examples from around the world. Additionally, they will explore the relationship between the rule of law and freedom of religion or belief, emphasizing the importance of preserving statehood and citizenship.

Concurrently, the Peace and Inclusion panel will focus on crucial topics such as how parliamentarians can collaborate with religious communities and faith-based organizations to mobilize society for greater moderation, solidarity, and inclusion. They will also examine the potential for religious actors and parliamentarians to work together in promoting gender equality and youth participation, highlighting their shared goals despite their different mandates.

The conference will conclude on its third day, continuing the main session discussion on “Parliaments and Religious Leaders: Promoting Dialogue, Working Together for our Common Future.” The members of the Rule of Law panel will engage in discussions centered around the subject of “Legislators and Religious Leaders as Bridge Builders: Promoting Rights and Fundamental Freedoms for More Just and Cohesive Societies.” The panelists are expected to explore the role of parliamentarians and religious leaders in promoting and protecting fundamental rights and freedoms, striving for a more equitable and cohesive society.

Morocco Parliament. Venue of the Parliamentary Conference on Interfaith Dialogue: Working Together for Our Common Future. Image courtesy of PAP Media

Simultaneously, the session on Peace and Inclusion will tackle the topic of “Promoting Trust and Mutual Recognition: Contributions of Religious Actors and Parliamentarians to Counter Hate Speech, Incitement to Violence, and Digital Challenges to Democracy.” Panelists will explore the potential roles of religious actors and parliamentarians in countering hate speech, addressing incitement to violence, and overcoming the challenges posed by the digital era.

The first ever “Parliamentary Conference on Interfaith Dialogue: Working Together for Our Common Future” is expected to provide a valuable platform for parliamentarians, religious leaders, and various stakeholders to engage in meaningful discussions, share best practices, and foster collaborations that contribute to a more inclusive, peaceful, and harmonious future.

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