Zimbabwe Elections: MDC-T Senator Motions Government of National Unity, Cites Eurocentric Electoral System


MDC-T Senator Morgen Komichi. Image from PUBLIC DOMAIN

The motion put forward on Thursday by MDC-T Honorable Senator Morgen Komichi has sparked discussions that could shape Zimbabwean politics ahead of national elections scheduled for August. The motion calling to focus on the formation of a Government of National Unity outlined several key concerns about the current governance system and electoral practices in Zimbabwe, highlighting their Eurocentric and divisive nature on African societies.

Honorable Senator Komichi emphasized the weaknesses of the existing governance system, particularly the electoral system, which he deemed as endemic in Africa and fervently practiced in Zimbabwe. He argued that the current electoral system is fundamentally Eurocentric and not aligned with traditional African governance systems.

“Acknowledging that the Electoral System is quintessentially Eurocentric as it is modeled upon exogenous practices as opposed to traditional African governance systems which prevailed during the precolonial epoch and were anchored on humanism, solidarity, or pluralism, and had deep social cohesion.” -MDC-T Senator MORGEN KOMICHI

Expressing concern about the negative consequences of the current electoral system in Zimbabwe, Senator Komichi said, “The alien system is problematic when applied to Africa as it spawns dissensions and tears down the moral and social fabric of political solidarity in societies.” The Senator went on to call upon the three arms of government to recommend a Government of National Unity before the 2023 election.

Senator Komichi justified the motion with a reference to Zimbabwe’s history, mentioning the positive impact of previous government unity initiatives, such as the Unity Accord in 1987 and the Government of National Unity (GNU) from 2009 to 2013, on both political and economic fronts. The motion for GNU was seconded by another MDC-T Senator Khalipani Phugeni.

As the Zimbabwean Senate adjourns to Tuesday, 22nd August 2023, the hiatus will likely allow Senators to reflect on the matters discussed and gather additional information before reconvening. As the Senators adjourn for now, the public eagerly await further developments on the heated subject on the Government of National Unity.

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