President Suluhu Mocks Neighbour Losing Investors to Tanzania Due to Instability


Tanzania President Samia Suluhu

Tanzanian President Samia Suluhu Hassan has once again taken a swipe at an unnamed neighbouring country’s economy, claiming that it is losing investors to Tanzania due to instability. In a viral video, President Suluhu stated that the country was facing turmoil, prompting investors to flee and seek refuge in Tanzania.

President Suluhu has announced that Kenya is losing investors to her neigbours due to high taxes, instability. Image courtesy of

During a women’s conference in Zanzibar on Sunday, July 16, President Suluhu highlighted that Tanzania had received an unprecedented number of investors in recent months, attributing this to the neighbouring country’s “burning” state. She emphasized the significance of maintaining peace and stability as key factors in attracting investors and fostering economic growth.

President Suluhu warned that an unstable environment would deter investors from committing to the country and advocated for addressing any issues that could potentially disrupt stability. She praised the executive director of the Tanzania Investment Centre (TIC) for reporting a surge in investor interest in Tanzania.

This is not the first time President Suluhu has made such remarks, previously stating that Tanzania’s economy was performing better than other countries in the East African Community (EAC). She highlighted Tanzania’s robust foreign exchange reserves, contrasting them with the struggles of its neighbours.

President Suluhu’s remarks have garnered mixed reactions from Kenyans and underscore the importance of stability and leadership in attracting investments and promoting economic prosperity.

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