‘Polisario’ Petition against Morocco-GB Association Agreement Rejected


In Final Judicial Decision, London Court of Appeal Confirms IRRevocable Rejection of 'Polisario' Petition against Morocco-GB Association Agreement. Image from Twitter/ @HAIDAAbdelali

In a landmark decision, the London Court of Appeal has upheld the irrevocable rejection of the ‘Polisario’ petition against the Morocco-Great Britain (GB) Association Agreement. The ruling, delivered yesterday, solidifies the legality and legitimacy of the bilateral agreement between Morocco and GB, dealing a significant blow to the separatist group’s attempts to challenge Morocco’s territorial integrity.

The Polisario Front, a representative government of the Sahrawi people since Spanish Independence, had lodged a petition against the Morocco-GB Association Agreement, claiming that it violated international law and undermined the Sahrawi people’s right to self-determination. However, the London Court of Appeal, after thorough consideration of the arguments presented by both parties, has unequivocally dismissed the petition, affirming the agreement’s compliance with international legal standards.

The Morocco-GB Association Agreement, signed in 2019, encompasses a wide range of cooperative areas, including trade, investment, security, and cultural exchanges. It serves as a framework for strengthening the historical ties between the two nations and fostering mutual development and prosperity.

The court’s decision comes as a resounding victory for Morocco, as it reaffirms the UK’s recognition of Morocco’s sovereignty over the Western Sahara region. Morocco has consistently maintained its claim over the disputed territory, stressing the historical and cultural ties between the Sahrawi people and the Moroccan kingdom.

Some analysts say that the London Court of Appeal’s judgment underscores the respect for international law and the principles of territorial integrity and self-determination. It is said that the court found no legal basis for the Polisario Front’s claims that the Association Agreement violated the rights of the Sahrawi people or infringed upon their ability to exercise self-determination.

The ruling is expected to have far-reaching implications for the Polisario Front’s diplomatic efforts to challenge Morocco’s territorial integrity and gain international recognition for an independent Sahrawi state. With the London Court of Appeal’s decision, the legal avenues for the separatist group to contest the legitimacy of Morocco’s administration of Western Sahara have become significantly narrower.

In response to the court’s ruling, Moroccan officials expressed satisfaction, highlighting that the judgment serves as a validation of Morocco’s position and further strengthens the country’s stance on the Western Sahara issue. They emphasized the importance of the Morocco-GB Association Agreement in enhancing bilateral relations and advancing regional stability.

As the news of the London Court of Appeal’s decision reverberates across international headlines, the implications for the ongoing Western Sahara conflict and the broader question of self-determination will undoubtedly be closely monitored.

The ongoing conflict between Morocco and Western Sahara revolves around the disputed territory of Western Sahara. Morocco claims sovereignty over the region, emphasizing historical and cultural ties, while the separatist group Polisario Front advocates for self-determination and independence for the Sahrawi people. The dispute has involved diplomatic efforts, legal challenges, and international recognition debates. The recent London Court of Appeal’s confirmation of the irrevocable rejection of the ‘Polisario’ petition against the Morocco-GB Association Agreement further solidifies Morocco’s position and strengthens its stance on the Western Sahara issue. The ruling is said to set a significant legal precedent for future territorial disputes.


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