Revolutionizing Africa’s Infrastructure: Africa50 GSM to Host Inaugural ‘Infra for Africa Forum’


Africa50 event Lome, Togo 2023

Africa50, the infrastructure investment platform established by African governments and the African Development Bank, is set to host its inaugural “Infra for Africa Forum” in Lomé from July 3 to 4, 2023. The event will also coincide with Africa50’s Annual General Shareholders Meeting, attracting leaders from various sectors who share a common goal of addressing Africa’s infrastructure funding gap.

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Africa50 was founded with the aim of bridging the financing shortfall for infrastructure projects in Africa. By facilitating project development, mobilizing both public and private sector finance, and making strategic infrastructure investments, Africa50 aims to drive sustainable development across the continent. The organization primarily focuses on medium-to-large-scale projects that offer both development impact and an appropriate risk-adjusted return to investors.

The “Infra for Africa Forum” serves as a platform for stakeholders to engage in discussions centered around bankable, scalable, and replicable infrastructure investments. Leaders from government, business, and experts from Africa and beyond will convene to share their expertise and insights, addressing Africa’s developmental needs in crucial sectors such as Power, Transport, ICT, Midstream gas, Fintech, Health, and Education infrastructure.

The event will provide opportunities to explore investment prospects, innovative approaches, and forge partnerships crucial for the future of Africa’s infrastructure development. Africa50’s distinguished track record of funding projects with an aggregated value exceeding $5 billion in just five years underscores the organization’s commitment to advancing infrastructure initiatives across the continent.

The “Infra for Africa Forum” will feature panel discussions, keynote speeches, and interactive sessions covering a wide range of topics related to infrastructure investment. Participants will have the chance to network with industry leaders, exchange ideas, and explore potential collaboration opportunities.

To attend this prestigious event, government officials, business leaders, and experts are encouraged to register via the Africa50 GSM website at The event promises to be an insightful and impactful gathering, shaping the future of Africa’s infrastructure landscape.

Africa50 continues to play a vital role in facilitating project development, financing, and driving sustainable infrastructure solutions across Africa. With the inaugural “Infra for Africa Forum,” the organization aims to further strengthen partnerships, stimulate innovation, and explore investment opportunities that will drive Africa’s development agenda forward.

Standard Gauge Railway construction. Uganda. Image from PUBLIC DOMAIN

About Africa50 GSM
Africa50 GSM was established by African governments and the African Development Bank to bridge Africa’s infrastructure funding gap. It focuses on medium-to-large-scale projects, prioritizing sectors such as Power, Transport, ICT, Midstream gas, Fintech, Health, and Education infrastructure. Africa50 GSM brings project development, financing, and investment together under one platform, providing support throughout the project cycle.


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