Saudi Arabia Extends $400 Million Soft Loan and $100 Million Grant to Aid Tunisia’s Financial Crisis


Political Uprising @Political_Up · 3h #SaudiArabia said it will give Tunisia $400 million as a soft loan and 100 million as a grant to help it fix its ailing public finances, pledging more financial support in coming weeks. #Tunisia is on the edge of a debt crisis and is suffering from shortages of essential goods.

Saudi Arabia has announced that it will provide Tunisia with a $400 million soft loan and a $100 million grant to help address the country’s financial challenges. Tunisia is facing a debt crisis and shortages of essential goods, and the financial support from Saudi Arabia comes at a crucial time.

The Saudi finance minister, Mohammed Al-Jadaan, expressed the kingdom’s commitment to providing additional support from the Saudi Development Fund and other development funds in the Gulf in the coming weeks. Tunisia is also seeking funds from other Gulf states, as talks on a $1.9 billion loan have been stalled since October.

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