Senator Edwin Melvin Snowe Jr. to Support Speaker’s Choice for Candidate for IPU Presidency


Snowe Jr left IPU SG right

Liberian Senator Edwin Melvin Snowe Jr., Chairman of the Community Parliament’s Committee on Political Affairs, Peace, Security, and African Peer Review Mechanism, expressed his support for the initiative of presenting an African candidate for the Inter Parliamentary Union (IPU) presidency ahead of the October 27, 2023 election.

He believes that when African countries collaborate and negotiate together, decisions are made faster and the continent is brought closer, fostering unity. He commented on the visit of the East African Legislative Assembly (EALA) to seek support for the candidacy of Rt. Hon Dr. Tulia Ackson, the Speaker of the Tanzanian Parliament, for the IPU presidency in Luanda, Angola. Senator Snowe Jr. emphasized that ECOWAS Parliament, being a major player in the sub-region, will champion and support the decision made by the Speaker and bureau regarding the candidacy.

He also highlighted the need to examine Dr. Tulia Ackson’s manifesto and align it with African views on Parliamentary democracy to ensure it aligns with the region’s interests.

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