Supporting #AfricaEducatesHer: PAP’s Reaffirms Commitment to Girls’ Education Post-Covid


Mrs. Simone Yankey-Ouattara, Ag. Coordinator of African Union CIEFFA. Image from PAP Media

In a powerful display of dedication, the Pan-African Parliament (PAP) today reaffirmed its unwavering support for the #AfricaEducatesHer campaign. The campaign, which addresses the educational challenges faced by girls and young women in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, has gained a significant ally in the PAP Bureau. Together with the African Union International Center for Girls and Women’s Education in Africa (CIEFFA), the PAP is championing this noble cause.

AU CIEFFA Acting Coordinator, Mrs Simone Yankey-Ouattara poses for a photo with PAP President Chief Charumbira (Right) and PAP MPs of the Women’s Caucus. Image courtesy of PAP media

At a workshop jointly hosted by the PAP and CIEFFA on May 24, the President of the PAP, H.E Chief Fortune Charumbira, expressed gratitude towards the AU CIEFFA and the Committee on Education for organizing such a timely event. Chief Charumbira emphasized the importance of women’s and girls’ education, stating that this workshop would invigorate efforts to address the challenges they face. The workshop held alongside the Sixth PAP Second Ordinary Session under the theme of “The Year of AfCFTA: Accelerating the Implementation of the African Continental Free Trade Area” in Midrand, South Africa, will continue until June 2, 2023.

Chief Charumbira acknowledged the setbacks caused by the pandemic, which had disrupted the remarkable progress made in educating women and girls. However, he remained optimistic and called upon National Parliaments to allocate funds in their budgets specifically aimed at supporting girls’ education. As legislators, he stressed their crucial role in ensuring that national budgets align with the #AfricaEducatesHer campaign. Chief Charumbira also proudly announced that the PAP is actively developing a Model Law on Gender Equality, which will further strengthen the campaign’s objectives and enhance the empowerment of women.

Hon Amina Abdou Souna, the Chairperson of the PAP Committee on Education, echoed the sentiment that education is a fundamental human right that should be accessible to every girl. She expressed her belief that the workshop would serve as a platform to find lasting solutions for the challenges faced by girls, particularly during the pandemic. Hon Souna shared innovative policy and legislative reforms adopted at the national level to mitigate the impact of COVID-19 on the education system, with a special focus on girls and women.

The AU CIEFFA Acting Coordinator, Mrs. Simone Yankey-Ouattara, commended the fruitful partnership between CIEFFA and the PAP. She highlighted the joint efforts in advocating for out-of-school girls and supporting their successful reintegration into the education system. Recognizing the urgency and necessity of investing in girls’ education, Mrs. Yankey-Ouattara pointed out the alarming number of out-of-school girls. She emphasized the importance of enabling these girls to access education, thereby shaping a brighter future for themselves and their communities.

The unwavering commitment displayed by the PAP and its partners in supporting the #AfricaEducatesHer campaign is truly commendable. By prioritizing girls’ education, advocating for gender-responsive policies, and actively working towards reintegration efforts, they are paving the way for a more inclusive and empowered society. The dedication and collaboration exhibited at the workshop reflect a positive stride towards ensuring equal access to education for all girls in Africa. With such united and determined efforts, the future of girls’ education is undoubtedly promising.

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