Ambassador Uebert Angel: Transforming Lives Through Leadership, Philanthropy, and Diplomacy


Prophet Eubert Angel

Ambassador Uebert Angel is a distinguished and influential figure whose commitment to making a profound impact on society has garnered global recognition. With a deep passion for humanitarian work, entrepreneurship, and spiritual leadership, he has consistently demonstrated his unwavering dedication to uplifting the less privileged and fostering positive change worldwide. 

Image from Twitter/@UebertAngel

As the esteemed founder of the Uebert Angel Foundation (UAF), Ambassador Uebert Angel has embarked on a tireless mission to eradicate poverty. During the challenging times of the COVID-19 pandemic, he generously invested an extraordinary 10 million USD of his personal fortune to alleviate the suffering of those most affected. This remarkable act of compassion showcases his genuine concern for the well-being of others and his commitment to addressing the pressing issues of our time.

With the honourable title of Zimbabwe’s First Presidential Envoy and Ambassador at Large for Europe and the Americas, Ambassador Uebert Angel has effectively represented his country on the global stage. His exceptional diplomatic skills and extensive international network have solidified his role as an influential figure in global affairs. With over 85 nations witnessing his diplomatic prowess, he continues to foster fruitful collaborations, strengthening relationships between nations and driving positive change.


At the heart of Ambassador Uebert Angel’s work lies Spirit Embassy, a globally recognized Christian organization boasting an impressive 700 branches and a staggering 3.2 million registered members. His commitment to fostering interfaith dialogue and promoting harmony among different faiths has made him an influential leader in religious diversity. Drawing from his extensive experience and profound insights, he skilfully connects with individuals from diverse backgrounds, fostering unity and mutual understanding.

Prophet Uebert Angel with his mentor Pastor Chis Oyakhilome. Image from Twitter/@UebertAngel

Born in Zimbabwe and holding British citizenship, Ambassador Uebert Angel possesses a unique perspective that bridges cultural differences and facilitates fruitful international collaborations. His dual nationality provides him with an in-depth understanding of both African and Western societies, enabling him to forge meaningful partnerships for the betterment of his homeland and the international community.


Ambassador Uebert Angel’s entrepreneurial acumen has earned him recognition as a business mogul by Forbes, garnering numerous accolades in the corporate world. As the visionary founder of the Millionaire Academy, he empowers individuals to develop their skills and excel in the business arena. Through his passion for nurturing talent and fostering economic growth, he has left an indelible mark on the lives of those fortunate enough to cross his path.

Prophet Uebert Angel was appointed the first ever presidential envoy and ambassador-at-large by the President of Zimbabwe, H.E. Emerson Mnangagwa. Image from PUBLIC DOMAIN

His immense impact and influence were acknowledged when he was voted as one of the New Africa’s Most Influential Persons in 2022. This prestigious honour further solidifies his position as a trailblazer in various fields and highlights his continued commitment to shaping the future of Africa and the world at large.

Under the Uebert Angel Foundation, the Ambassador received the 2021 Global Excellence in Leadership & Philanthropy Award on the 24th of July 2021, in Accra, Ghana. Image from Twitter/@UebertAngel

In addition to his extraordinary achievements, Ambassador Uebert Angel’s educational background demonstrates his dedication to personal growth and development. Holding three prestigious university qualifications, including a Masters’s Degree in Entrepreneurship from the University of Edinburgh Napier and a BSc Degree in Business Finance from Salford University, he possesses expert knowledge in business and innovation. Furthermore, his FDSc degree in Business Finance and Post Graduate Certificate in Education from the University of Bolton showcase his comprehensive understanding of both finance and education, enabling him to make a lasting impact across multiple domains.

Ambassador Uebert Angel meeting with President Chakwera of Malawi. Image from Twitter/@UebertAngelAmb

Beyond his professional endeavors, Ambassador Uebert Angel finds joy and strength in his marriage to Beverly Angel, who serves as the patron for the Uebert Angel Foundation. Together, they embody the power of unity and exemplify their shared commitment to philanthropy, uplifting the lives of the less fortunate.

Image from Twitter/Under the Uebert Angel Foundation, the Ambassador received the 2021 Global Excellence in Leadership & Philanthropy Award on the 24th of July 2021, in Accra, Ghana. Image from Twitter/@UebertAngel

Ambassador Uebert Angel’s extraordinary achievements, dynamic leadership, and unwavering dedication to humanitarian causes are a testament to his remarkable character. His global influence continues to inspire countless individuals and shape a more compassionate world, making him a true catalyst for positive change.


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