US Ambassador Apologizes for Explosive Allegations of South African Arms Deal with Russia


US Ambassador Reuben Brigety has issued an unreserved apology to the South African government after making allegations that the country had supplied arms and ammunition to Russia to aid its invasion of Ukraine. The rand crashed against the US dollar following the allegations, causing further concerns for the South African economy.

Brigety was summoned by Minister Naledi Pandor on Friday night and reprimanded for his public comments. The allegations were a shock to the South African government, which has a cordial relationship with the United States.

The incident was sparked by the docking of a Russian ship at Simon’s Town Naval Base in Cape Town last year in December. Despite heavy speculation, South African officials denied any knowledge of the ship’s business at a national key point. President Cyril Ramaphosa has ordered an independent inquiry to investigate the allegations.

Dirco spokesperson Clayson Monyela said that anyone found to have been involved in an illegal arms deal with Russia would face the full force of the law. South Africa is known for having one of the most stringent processes for selling arms to other countries, managed by the National Convention Arms Control Committee. The committee was created through an Act of Parliament and the Constitution.

Monyela said that the investigation would get to the bottom of the allegations and identify all the role players involved. He welcomed President Cyril Ramaphosa’s decision to appoint an independent inquiry chaired by a retired judge to look into the allegations made by the US ambassador. Monyela said that this process would allow for the facts to be established, and anyone found to have broken the law would face severe consequences.

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