USA Careers: MPOWER Financing and F1 Hire Empower International Students for Career Success


The journey from international student to employed professional in the United States is often fraught with challenges, from financial hurdles to legal barriers. Now, a groundbreaking partnership between MPOWER Financing and F1 Hire aims to revolutionize this experience, offering a lifeline to talented individuals seeking to kickstart their careers on American soil.

MPOWER Financing, renowned for its provision of non-cosigner loans to promising international students, has joined forces with F1 Hire, a data-driven staffing and career management firm specializing in connecting U.S. employers with global talent. This alliance promises to level the playing field for international students by harnessing the collective strengths of both companies.

The statistics paint a stark picture: less than 1.6% of job postings in the U.S. employment market are welcoming to international talent, with 12% of companies outright rejecting sponsorship, as highlighted by the International Talent Friendliness Index (ITFI). In light of these challenges, MPOWER and F1 Hire are stepping up to the plate, determined to shatter these barriers and pave a smoother path to success for international students.

Lisa Kaplan, Head of Product and Digital Platforms at MPOWER Financing, underscored the significance of this collaboration, emphasizing its role in dismantling the obstacles faced by international students in the job market. She stated, “Our partnership with F1 Hire is a pivotal step in dismantling the barriers that international students encounter in the global job market. This alliance underscores our unwavering commitment to our students, providing them with a robust support system that addresses their academic, professional, and financial needs.”

F1 Hire, based in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, specializes in facilitating the hiring of international talent for small-to-midsize U.S. companies, offering support with sponsorship and onboarding processes. CEO and Co-founder Andrew Chen expressed his enthusiasm for the collaboration, highlighting the shared mission of empowering international students to pursue their dreams and unlock their full potential.


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