Burkina Faso Implements New Taxes to Combat Terrorism: Telecommunication Services and Private Television Subscriptions Affected


Starting from July 20th, new taxes will be imposed on telecommunication services, subscription renewals for private television, and the transfer of land outside of subdivisions to support the fight against terrorism in Burkina Faso. The Minister of Economy, Aboubakar Nacanabo, announced these measures on public television, it is reported. Telecommunication service users will be required to pay a 5% tax per transaction, while a 10% tax will be applied to subscription renewals for private television.

Additionally, a 1% contribution will be demanded for the transfer of land outside of subdivisions during notary or bailiff proceedings. These measures were enacted through a law passed by the ALT on June 24th and promulgated by President Ibrahim Traoré on June 30th, establishing special contributions on certain goods and services for the benefit of the Patriot Support Fund (FSP).

The minister urged businesses to fully remit the amounts collected to support the fight against terrorism and acknowledged consumers who have contributed nearly 30 billion CFA francs to the FSP since February, primarily through levies on tobacco and alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages. He also expressed gratitude to the security forces and volunteers (VDP) who risk their lives to restore peace and social cohesion in Burkina Faso.

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