Temba Mliswa Zimbabwe Parliament

In a highly charged parliamentary session, the results of the crucial vote on the Criminal Law (Codification and Reform) Amendment Bill were announced on Wednesday with 99 for and 17 against. When the motion to consider what has gotten to be called the ‘Patriotic Act’, deliberations quickly escalated into disorder, h reflected by a contentious exchange between Hon. Mliswa and the Hon. Deputy Speaker, shedding light on issues surrounding the chairing of committees and potential conflicts of interest.

Hon. Themba Mliswa, an independent member of the Parliament of Zimbabwe, expressed strong opposition to the voting on the newly adopted Patriotic Act during a session held on Wednesday, May 31st. His reaction, recorded in the Hansard, highlighted his frustration and disappointment with the proceedings.

In his impassioned address, Hon. Mliswa made it clear that he believed the general public was unaware of the true nature of the legislation being discussed. As an independent representative, he distanced himself from the partisan politics involved in the passage of the bill, referring to those involved as “party people.” He emphasized that he would not associate himself with what he considered to be a chaotic and unnecessary endeavor.

“I will pack my bags and go,” Hon. Mliswa declared, making it clear that he wanted to disassociate himself from the entire situation. He expressed a desire for history to remember that he was not involved in what he referred to as a “commotion and circus.” By distancing himself from the bill, he aimed to assert his commitment to independent decision-making and highlight his unwillingness to be associated with any perceived misconduct.

The outspoken member of parliament went on to criticize the passing of the bill, considering it a waste of taxpayers’ money. Hon. Mliswa questioned the effectiveness and competence of his colleagues, suggesting that their inability to address the issues at hand was a reason why some of them had failed to secure re-election. He openly expressed his disappointment at the lack of meaningful contributions made by certain individuals during their tenure in parliament.

The conclusion of Hon. Mliswa’s remarks was met with some inaudible interjections from fellow members of parliament. While it remains unclear exactly what was said in response, it is evident that his remarks sparked some reactions among his colleagues. According to reports, the Norton MP was later ejected from Parliament for a controversial remark on another subject of debate.

After a lengthy and intense debate, members of the parliament of Zimbabwe cast their votes on the CRIMINAL LAW (CODIFICATION AND REFORM) AMENDMENT BILL [H. B. 15, 2022]. Now having been adopted after attaining a majority vote in Parliament, the bill is expected to make significant amendments to the country’s criminal law. The legislation aims to streamline existing laws and enhance the effectiveness of the justice system.



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