South African Reserve Bank Prints New Currency as Rand Tanks


New 20 Rand Note. Image from PUBLIC DOMAIN

The South African Reserve Bank (SARB) has taken a proactive step in strengthening the nation’s currency with the launch of new banknotes and coins. The new currency which features advanced security features, also showcases the country’s rich culture and values by featuring one of the big five animals and its young on the back of the banknotes.

In addition, the lower denominations have changed their look with the ten-cent coin bearing the image of the honeybee, the twenty-cent coin featuring the aloe plant, and the R5 coin bearing whales. This is a representation of nature and biodiversity; air, plants, and water life.

While the introduction of the new currency brings a vibrant visual identity, the primary concern of the SARB remains focused on safeguarding the value of the South African rand. The nation continues to face economic challenges, including load shedding and a weak logistics network, which have impacted growth and foreign exchange earnings.

New 50R Note tail side. Image from /PUBLIC DOMAIN
New 100R Note tail side. Image from /PUBLIC DOMAIN
New 100R Note tail side. Image from /PUBLIC DOMAIN



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