Julia Sebutinde

Uganda Judge Julia Sebutinde was on Tuesday, February 6th, elected the Vice President of the International Court Justice on a three-year term. She will deputize Lebanese Nawaf Salam who is the new president of the United nation’s world Court.

In the case submitted in the court by South Africa, Judge Julia Sebutinde ruled against all emergency measures that prevent genocide. She stated there was no proof of genocidal intent, it is reported. Critics have labeled the Ugandan Judge a Christian-Zionist sell-out, her appointment biased and aided by pro-Israeli power brokers. Meanwhile, congratulations are in order for the Ugandan woman and African representative in the international court.

The Ugandan Ambassador to the United Nations is also reported to have said that Judge Sebutinde’s actions in the court do not represent those of the Ugandan government, which has since expressed a pro-Palestine stance, condemning Israel’s current actions in Gaza as genocidal.

ICJ announces the new composition of the Court, its Chamber of Summary Procedure, its Budgetary and Administrative Committee, its Rules Committee and its Library Committee . Image from X/@CIJ_ICJ


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