Sammy Obeng, Parliamentary Network Africa. Image courtesy of LinkedIn/Sammy Obeng

In a recent interview, Sammy Obeng, the Executive Director of Parliamentary Network Africa (PNAfrica), highlighted the crucial role of civil society in advancing transparency and accountability in governance. As governments and parliaments navigate the challenges of promoting open government, Obeng emphasizes the importance of innovative approaches and collaboration with civil society. By embracing co-creation and co-implementation with stakeholders, governments can address key challenges and inspire positive change within the OGP community and beyond.

Ghana’s journey towards enacting the RTI law was a testament to sustained advocacy efforts spanning over two decades. Obeng’s involvement in the civil society coalition advocating for the law’s passage underscored the importance of monitoring parliamentary proceedings and engaging stakeholders effectively. As the Executive Director of PNAfrica, Obeng facilitated daily monitoring of the RTI bill’s progress through the Parliament of Ghana, providing vital updates to civil society organizations (CSOs) and advocating for necessary amendments. His leadership played a pivotal role in the successful passage of the bill into law in 2019, marking a significant milestone for transparency and accountability in Ghanaian democracy.

Following the enactment of the RTI law, Obeng continued his commitment to promoting its implementation and documenting lessons learned. He authored a book and produced a documentary chronicling Ghana’s RTI journey, contributing to public awareness and advocacy for effective implementation.

Beyond Ghana, Obeng’s work with PNAfrica focuses on promoting open parliaments across Africa through initiatives such as the Africa Open Parliament Index (OPI). The OPI assesses the transparency, accountability, and citizen participation in African parliaments, providing recommendations for improvement and fostering collaboration between civil society and parliamentary actors. The initiative has already led to transformative changes in several West African countries, demonstrating the potential for broader impact across the continent.

Obeng’s engagement with the Open Government Partnership (OGP) further amplified efforts to advance transparency and accountability. Through initiatives like the OGLC’s Open Government Leadership Collaborative, Obeng leverages his expertise to support parliamentary reforms and enhance civic engagement.

Obeng’s advocacy highlights the interconnectedness of the open government community in driving impactful reforms and inspiring others to champion transparency and accountability in governance.


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