Prophet Uebert Angel’s Appointment: Pan-African Parliament President Breaks the Silence


Prophet Eubert Angel, Honorable Senator Chief Fortune Charumbira. Image courtesy

Zimbabwean Evangelist, Prophet Uebert Angel, was recently appointed by the President of the Pan-African Parliament (PAP), Honorable Senator Chief Fortune Charumbira as the Ambassador for Interfaith Dialogue and Humanitarian Affairs. This appointment has sparked considerable debate, mainly stemming from his alleged involvement in the controversial “Gold Mafia scandal,” which was the subject of a documentary by the Al  Jazeera Investigative Unit.

Addressing the matter today, Hon. Chief Charumbira who is known for championing a message of unity and cohesion, discouraged African citizens from focusing on unverified allegations from outside sources that do not have a full understanding of Africa’s challenges. Emphasizing the evangelist’s contributions in ministry and philanthropic endeavors, the PAP President highlighted qualities that, in his view, make him exceptionally fitting for the esteemed role. By drawing attention to the scandalized evangelist’s positive track record, Chief Charumbira reinforced that his credentials outweigh the unproven claims surrounding him.

“As the Honorable President of the Pan-African Parliament, I can assure you that Prophet Uebert Angel’s appointment followed the standard protocols and due processes,” Hon. Chief Charumbira responded.

“It is crucial to bear in mind that baseless allegations put forth by a mere television crew should not overshadow the constructive impact an individual is capable of producing. The decision was made in accordance with established guidelines and involved consultations with relevant stakeholders. While some may express concerns about the appointment process, it is essential to recognize that appointments are made based on merit and the individual’s potential to contribute positively to the PAP’s goals.”

Poster courtesy of Spirit Embassy Church

The position of PAP Ambassador for Interfaith Dialogue and Humanitarian Affairs is tasked with fostering dialogue, cooperation, and understanding among different religious communities within Africa. Additionally, the role encompasses spearheading humanitarian initiatives to address various social challenges across the continent.

Regarding complaints that the Prophet was implicated in the Gold Mafia scandal and therefore not befitting of the PAP position, the Honorable Senator Chief Charumbira acknowledged the potential concerns surrounding Uebert Angel’s alleged involvement in the Gold Mafia documentary. He stated, “it is imperative to approach this matter with a fair and balanced perspective. Firstly is crucial to emphasize that Uebert Angel was cleared of any wrongdoing by the Financial Intelligence Unit of the Reserve bank of Zimbabwe, signifying the absence of substantive evidence linking him to the alleged scandal.”

The Gold Mafia scandal came to light earlier this year with an Al Jazeera documentary called “Gold Mafia” alleging that Angel offered to use his status to assist reporters who posed as Chinese nationals launder millions of dollars through a gold-smuggling scheme.

Soon after the release of controversial documentary, The Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe’s Financial Intelligence Unit (FIU) reacted by freezing the bank accounts and assets of officials allegedly connected to the “Gold Mafia.” This group was accused of being involved in gold smuggling, money laundering, and bribery, as exposed in the documentary.

It is reported that after a thorough investigation, the FIU decided to lift the freeze on the accounts and assets, stating that they did not find any evidence of money laundering or financial crimes related to the Al Jazeera allegations. They clarified that this action would not hinder any ongoing or future investigations conducted by law enforcement agencies and expressed their willingness to cooperate with any international investigations that might arise.

Prophet Eubert Angel still stands by his innocence amidst the controversy, emphasizing that the allegations against him have been thoroughly investigated and disproved. He says that he is now focused on his role as the continental parliament’s Ambassador for Interfaith Dialogue and Humanitarian Affairs, dedicated to promoting unity and humanitarian initiatives across Africa.

“While complaints may exist, it is essential to consider the positive impact an individual can make rather than focusing solely on unverified allegations presented by external sources with limited knowledge of Africa’s complex realities of Africa’s challenges,” Hon. Chief Charumbira added.

The Honorable President of the PAP has further urged all stakeholders to thoroughly examine the facts before making judgments. He emphasized that Uebert Angel’s appointment should be based on his capabilities, accomplishments, and potential contributions to the organization’s objectives. “Let us not be swayed by baseless accusations but rather, let us focus on fostering unity, dialogue, and humanitarian efforts in Africa for the greater good of our continent”, said the PAP President.

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